If you are looking for personal branding for your website or social media content, I would to hear all about your business! I love getting the best out of people and would love to get to know your thoughts and hear about your brand so you end up with your story told in strong imagery.     

Other Photo Shoots

– Why not have a HEADSHOT showing the most flattering version of you, which you can use for family, work or social media – There is a BIG BIRTHDAY /party coming up and you would really love to have the get together documented – You would love a true portrait of my fluffy child (PET), be it a horse, dog or snake – You need a PRESENT for your partner and they would love a stunning photo of you (perhaps with your pet, or just looking gorgeous but natural) – You are having a baby and wouldn’t mind have the BIRTH tastefully caught on camera by a female photographer who has been through it three times herself – There is a FUNERAL which despite being very difficult, you feel like you would like to capture the emotive moments but with huge sensitivity – You have an OLDER member of the family with a twinkle in their eye and would cherish a beautiful photo depicting that spark Check my PRICE page for more information and if none of the PRICE bundles fit, let’s discuss!

– Your company could do with UP TO DATE images on your website, be it products, reportage and/or natural head shots. – You are an aspiring or established MODEL/ACTOR and would quite like a portfolio by a female photographer with a fashion background who used to work with the model agencies – You need a new HEADSHOT as yours was last taken when New Kids on the Block were in the charts.

I sometimes work in conjunction with Business Espresso, who work with small companies providing affordable ‘shots of expertise’ from PR to Web and Marketing. If this is something that you might be interested in, please feel free to contact them directly or myself. www.businessespresso.co.uk